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Dear Partners,
After the fall of Swissair, it became almost impossible to travel from Geneva to most destinations in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. We then decided after a few sessions of debate with friends who are also in the field of aviation to take a closer look at the market. In less than no time, it became evident that we had already wasted a lot of time searching for opportunities and that there was an amazing gap to be filled within these markets.

Great success stories usually grow out of doing something that everyone ignores or thinks too difficult. We, at Crosswings, will not undertake to include complexity in our operations, rather we want to offer what we promise and do what we can do and this is by making things simple. We understand air travel and how to eliminate complexity out of air travel while making it very accessible and affordable!

We’ve developed a very simple operating model that produces an incredible low cost structure to fly people safely and reliably from where they are to where they want to go. Our cost structure allows us to be profitable while offering incredible lower fares in previously untapped or underserved markets.

Crosswings is a Swiss consumer airline established to take advantage of the market gap between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Crosswings will provide scheduled services and charter operations.

Our headquarters are located in Geneva. Given its central location in Europe, it is a great place for passengers in and from other parts of the globe.
The satisfaction of all our customers is a top priority for us. We will operate our flights on time and guarantee a friendly and courteous service.
Crosswings is an airline unlike any other created from scratch by industry movers and shakers who are committed to changing the way you think about air travel into the Middle East and Africa.

The management team of Crosswings has mastered the art and science of controlling costs with respected carriers. We know what drives up the price of airfare and what it takes to offer low fares and friendly flights.

We look forward to flying you very soon.

We love the airline business and we know you love flying too!

Crosswings Management

Our Mission
Provide safe, efficient, low-cost consumer air travel services.

Our highest priority: safety and satisfaction for our clients.
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